Welcome to Healthlivings Blog, my name is Martha Stewart.

In February 2019, I came to Shanghai, China from the United States. I am studying Chinese and Fashion Design at Fudan University. Four years living in this city might be difficult, but I am looking forward to awsome studying in this university for the following years.

I used to travel to many countries with my parents when I was in the United States. I also visited some places by myself.


I plan to visit many places in China and to make many Chinese friends while studying in the university.

The blog I set up is mainly to:

  • Record my study and travel experience and main tourist attractions in China.
  • I will tell you what you should pay attention to when you are studying, living and traveling in China and Asia.

If you are interested in these, please bookmark my blog.


This work uses the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License Agreement for permission.